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Kristina Boutilier

My journey with LG Fitness started just almost 3 years ago when I was 4 months postpartum with my first born. Growing up I was always an active person playing competitive sports, running, and teaching fitness classes. I was active my whole pregnancy and fitness was a major part of my life. However, after having mt daughter my world was flipped upside down. Becoming a mom was the most rewarding and yet the hardest thing that has ever happened to me. The road to recovery after having a natural child birth was something no one ever talks about. After about 4 months of recovery and trying to figure out how to be a mom I NEEDED to get out of the house and find the old Kristinabecause I was loosing myself. My friend Natasha and I finally worked up the courage to attend a MommaFit class. This was the best decision I made at this point in my life. In the midst of the chaos of being a new mom, LG was the thing o looked forward to everyday and was a place I could go for some self care. It was like a mom group without the pressure of being in a “mom group.”

Fast forward 3 years later and another kid, LG is still a place I LOVE going. I am always guaranteed a good workout from my coaches Dillon and Leslie, my kids see me as being active and making self care a priority, and the friends I have met there over the years are beyond amazing. LG is a place where everyone is welcome (whether you want to workout and leave or you are social butterfly like me). I couldn’t ask for a better place to workout and more importantly better people to workout with.

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