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Robin Canham

I've been going to LG Fitness for almost two years now, after attending my first class free. I remember after my first workout feeling like LG Fitness was doing something great because it was different than anything I had done before. There was a focus on lifting weights with progression and I was hooked. The progression aspect is a huge motivation for me as I see from month to month increases in my strength, fitness, and body composition. The workouts are also varied enough and change so I never get bored. One of my favourite things to do is hike, and the workouts have also given me the endurance to up my climbs and distance and I've been able to see some spectacular places because of this. Besides the great equipment, well-designed workouts, and community focus, the thing I like best about LG Fitness is that the workouts make me feel strong, and when I feel strong physically, I feel strong mentally. Strong enough to battle stress and anxieties, and brave enough to overcome anything that life throws at me. Anyone who knows me at the gym knows that I'm always "chasing those gains" but the truth is I'm chasing my self-confidence


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