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Lynn & Gareth Jones

When Gareth and I started working out with Leslie several years ago we were in a pretty unhealthy place due to work and life.

Our first several weeks we didn’t necessarily want to go to the gym and work with weights, but we went (we paid in advance for my sessions so we couldn’t cancel). Our previous exercise was soccer for Gareth and running for me.

Our Personal Trainer Leslie Genoway taught us all the proper techniques we needed to do the exercises, some of which we had done before, but with not proper form. She was very patient with both of us as we were new to most things. She never made us feel dumb or like we were supposed to already know things. She pushed us when we need to be pushed. Exercising together helped us keep on track.

As time went on we started enjoying showing up! When Leslie started her own gym we moved with her and have enjoyed all the transitions throughout the years. Our benefits have been numerous. We have lost weight while building muscle mass, our endurance has improved and we are making healthier eating choices. The biggest benefit was the new friends we made at the gym in our respective classes. It is hard to believe we miss it when we cannot exercise 5 days a week. We are looking forward to the continued health changes as we continue to enjoy exercising at LG Fitness.

Lynn & Gareth


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