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Tiara Hogberg


I began my “new” fitness journey in 2012 as I was sick of being considered “the skinny girl”. I wanted to be more toned and fit and I was curious of where my body, and strength could take me. Before I began lifting I focused my workouts on cardio mostly. I have always been active and love sports but hadn’t really given “strength training” a shot. Since beginning strength training I love how I feel, how I look and mostly I LOVE my workouts. Throughout my pregnancy I continued my strength training and realized how important my workouts are to my mental health. I knew that as soon as I was given the go to workout again after birth that I would be in the gym the very next day. I had a drive to regain my fitness and strength after pregnancy and birth, and I accomplished this with hard work, consistency and Dillon and Leslie’s guidance and motivation and killer workouts.⠀ I am beyond thankful to my girlfriend for introducing me to LG Fitness (mamafiit). I knew that the workouts would help me return to strength training. However, I didn’t know that I would absolutely LOVE the atmosphere, the INTENSE workouts, make amazing mommy friends (share laughs, advice, vent at times and share stories), my daughter would make some little friends and that I would become even stronger post-partum. LG Fitness (Leslie and Dillon) are truly passionate about what they do and continue to push me and motivate me to do my best in the gym. At times where I would have given up or not put the extra 10lbs on the barbell I have been pushed to do so and succeeded. My daughter and I have been coming pretty much daily to Mamafiit since October 2018. I am grateful that LG Fitness is flexible as my daughters naps change our time attending the gym changed (began attending the noon class, where everyone is so helpful and considerate of my daughter).⠀

My experience at LG fitness has been nothing but the best, always welcomed with a smile and leave with a high-five for killing your workout. It’s amazing to be able to attend a gym where you feel a little sense of “family”. LG makes everyone feel at home with the amazing community they have established, one that I am proud to be apart of. I have been able to show my daughter the importance of being active, to never give up and that women are strong too! It is so helpful after birth to be able to attend a gym where your little one is right by you watching you crush your goals. We love LG fitness so much thank you for making me feel like ME again! I can hardly wait to continue smashing my workouts with Leslie and Dillion and watch my progress and strength increase along the way.


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