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Here at LG Fitness we are rolling out our client referal program to help our clients' friends and families reap the benefit of the multitude of services we offer.


When you refer a friend or associate to LG Fitness, whether it’s to train with one of our trainers, participate in our classes or to take part in the Ideal Protein weight loss system, we want to reward you for helping someone make steps towards a healthier future.


Therefore, when an individual you refer purchases 10 sessions, either for personal training, group training or fitness classes we want to give you one free session of the same service your referral purchased.


A referal of a friend of family member into the Ideal Protein nutrition protocol will reward you with a free consultation with one of trainers & two free group classes.


Additionally, when you reach your Ideal Protein goals you will rewarded with your choice of either 5 of our fitness or specialty group classes or a monthly unlimited fitness pass.


These are just a few of the ways we want to thank you for choosing LG Fitness to help you reach your fitness & nutrition goals.

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