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What is Precision Nutrition? 

Precision Nutrition is not another diet plan. It is a nutrition program aimed at helping individuals meet their nutrient needs and goals. The coaches take the time to sit down with their clients to give them the opportunity to create an individualized program. Within that program, the coaches are there every step of the way to make sure their clients are meeting their goals. If the clients are not, the coaches make modifications and complete extra research to give their client the best possible outcome. Precision Nutrition Coaches care about their clients. Most coaches have a fitness background making it easier for clients to receive fitness advice as well as nutrition advice in one place. Creating fitness programs and nutrition programs together gives the opportunity to see a change in individuals that you will not see with any other program! 

Who uses Precision Nutrition?


 Over 45,000 clients, more than 30,000 health and fitness professionals including Nike, Titleist, Apple, multiple elite professional sports teams (Seattle Seahawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, San Antonio Spurs, to name a few) and now yours truly, LG Fitness! We are ecstatic to announce that our very own Lindsay Nicholson is now certified to help you with not only your fitness goals, but also with your nutrition goals. 

Why is Precision Nutrition different from other nutrition programs?


  • It is user friendly and actually enhances clients knowledge base about nutrition. Clients are able to apply that knowledge to better their behaviour change and activity modification to actually see results.

  • It is client tested, scientifically proven, and constantly updated. 

  • More than just about weight loss. 

Who is the PN Program for? 


  • It is for people who: 

  • Want the best nutrition information currently available and new ideas

  • Are tired of gimmicks and diets

  • Want a different, simple approach to nutrition with less confusion

  • Are excited to improve themselves, eat better, and help others.

  • Want to do it on their own, with a little help from their coach 

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