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Olivia Brennan

When Leslie suggested I attend Mamafit a few weeks after Oscar was born, I remember explaining to my husband that I didn’t want to lift weights because I was worried my baby weight would turn into bulky muscle. I wanted to run the extra pounds off before going anywhere near weights. But since January isn’t exactly the ideal month to start running outside with a newborn, I figured I may as well give LG a try. ⠀

The first week sucked. Completely oblivious to how much strength I had lost due to pregnancy and a cesarean, I thought the workouts were unrealistic. Not to mention every muscle in my body hurt like hell. But it sure was nice to know I could go to the gym around the same time everyday, chat with other moms, and have my baby in the same room while I worked out. Well, as things do when you stick with them, the workouts got more manageable, and I started to regain my strength. ⠀

Oscar and I have been regulars at Mamafit for the last ten months. I am happy to say I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and look strong, not bulky. But it’s about more than just the physical benefits, it’s truly about the community. There were many mornings after sleepless nights that I showed up not caring if I even got to work out. Just knowing there were other moms to talk to and other kids for Oscar to play with was enough. Plus Leslie and Dillion go above and beyond (regularly carrying multiple children around the gym at one time) to ensure us moms get the most out of our workouts. ⠀ Thank you Leslie and Dillon, and all of the inspiring mamas for the advice, support, encouragement, and snacks you’ve shared with Oscar and me this year!


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