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Elizabeth Tomczak

As a mother of two who believes in teaching to my children through modelling behaviour I am so thankful a place like LG fitness exists. The LG family has been a great place to workout, vent my frustrations, celebrate my successes and teach my children amazing new skills. Such as how to do ninja moves, become THE expert snack stealer and get all the snugs from Leslie and Dillon.

The other mothers at LG are such an amazing support system. Just showing up always seems to cheer the whole family up on those grouchy, nurse all morning (and night), what time is it(?), kind of days! Besides being a mother I am also a runner who has seen huge improvements in my running times this year.  I have been running since grade 6 and thought after having Autumn I would have a harder time obtaining running improvements. I believe my progressive strength training program at LG has been a major contributor to my success and keeping me healthy. I have managed to run personal best times in the 3km, 5km, half marathon and marathon this year. Now goals which I once thought were only for “fast people” have been crushed!! I never expected a gym to be anything more than a place that I workout but LGFITNESS is like another family. So much so that my son BEGS me to go to “exercise class” on my rest days because he misses Leslie. Thanks LG.



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