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Chantel de Lorme

Nov 2014 I started coming to LG fitness; I was 240 lbs of pure McLovin, and not in a good way.  I was not healthy, I was obese.  I was not happy.  I came from another gym that I felt was not meeting my needs.  I did not know what my needs were but I knew things had to change.

I started taking classes through LG, and although I was the biggest girl in the class working out alongside some of the fittest, I never felt judge, only encouraged.  I was encouraged to push harder – they saw something in me I didn’t see in myself. I started on Ideal Protein, as a new way of life. I lost the weight over 7 months.  I was the thinnest I ever was.  Even today, I have a hard time seeing myself this way.  But being thin and being fit are 2 different things, and I started working out.  First with a personal trainer; then with Cody in the Strength program. I could not bench press the 33lb bar 10 times; I was weak.  My squats were not squats but feeble attempts to lower myself.  I was deconditioned.

Working with Dillon has improved my strength, conditioning and my overall fitness.  Through his programming, I have significantly improved my flexibility and my strength.  He helps me push to my limits, and when I think I’ve reached those limits, I am pushed further.

I accomplish fitness goal I would have never dreamed of, running numerous half marathons, completing my first ever full marathon and now starting trail running. This is all because of everything I have gained through LG Fitness; nutritional counselling, weigh in’s for accountability as well as my own drive of just showing up every day.

The strength I obtain at the gym allows me to recover faster from my other fitness activates; I have more energy, I am able to sustain longer and it has helped me remain injury free.  My lifestyle now is fitness focused.  I will still crush a pizza, but I will also go for a run vs. sit and watch TV.

Then there are the friends I’ve made.  They are a big reason why I keep coming back.  We have the same goals – to work hard and keep fit.  We laugh hard, we joke around, but we work hard.  This is my tribe, my people.

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