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Aileen Heibert

Since joining LG Fitness I’ve met new friends, advanced in my career, and developed more confidence along with increased physical strength. At LG my goal is no longer just about weight loss – my new goals focus on maintaining good health and fitness so that I can take advantage of opportunities and meet challenges as they come.⠀

I start most of my days at LG and these workouts with Dillon, Leslie and the community are the base from which I am fostering success in areas of my life beyond the gym. These mornings provide a slight edge that helps me balance work, school, relationships, and fun.⠀ The best part about LG is the small, directed classes and Dillon’s sense of humour (and his willingness to work with you and your skill level, injury, mood, goals, reading ability, attention span…) When I first joined LG I was intimidated by the squat racks and barbells as I’d never used them before! With guidance and practice I learned to lift properly and the first time I was able to deadlift my own weight I knew I could carry myself.⠀ My next fitness goal is completing an unassisted pullup when two years ago I couldn’t even do a pushup. Other goals include maintaining balance in my life, maintaining my 100lb weight loss, and building strength – I know LG will be a part of helping me to accomplish these goals and more. Thank you Leslie, Dillon and friends for all your motivation, support and cake!


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